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Are you interested in writing articles/posts for our blog? If your answer is “YES” then why don’t you give it a try?

But before getting started please read the Guest Post Guidelines of our blog.

Guest Post Guidelines:

  1. The article/post which you want to share (publish) on my blog should be unique
  2. It should contain atleast 1000+ words
  3. The post/article should be of good quality
  4. It should be well written
  5. If you are looking for submitting posts/article which is related to gambling, drugs deals, adult sites (contents), bad sites (links), banned sites (OR anything which effects the SEO guidelines) then this blog is “NOT” for you
  6. Please do not submit the article/post without an image, If you are submitting it then please do include relevant images for the article/post
  7. Do not submit copied articles/posts
  8. On SudhTech we will only accept article which are related to these categories:
    • How to guide (No business based “how to guides”)
    • Tips and Tricks
    • SEO Guides
    • Money Making Guides
    • Blogging Guides (WordPress, BlogSpot and other CMS)
    • Tech News
  9. Only nofollow link (nofollow backlinks) will be provided (Dofollow only on rare cases)
  10. Please do provide your social media handler (Twitter OR Google+) while submitting the article/post

What you will get?

By submitting guest article/posts on my blog you will get:

  1. Lots of exposure
  2. Backlinks (Nofollow)

How to get started?

You can contact me via contact us page or via my email: [email protected]

Once you have submitted your article then it may take upto 7 days to review your article, So do not send emails asking about the updates regarding your article and once it fulfils all the requirements and guidelines then I will revert to you about the update and will publish your article within a day or 2